Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stretch Velvet Wrap Dress: FAIL

Me: Hey, this isn't so bad. Is it?

Husband: It looks like a purple bathrobe. Is that bad?

Me: I don't want to go out in public in a bathrobe. Does it really look like a bathrobe?

Husband: Everything about that dress makes it look like a bathrobe.

Since I'm still slogging away on my current project, here's a fail from yesteryear. I think I made this wrap dress in 2007, #115 from the 9/2006 issue of Burda World of Fashion magazine (now called Burda Style). The dress is incredibly comfortable, like a stretch velvet bathrobe. (Dammit!)

I wore it often for a couple years, despite a comment from a coworker that I looked "like a purple theater seat." (In her defense, she said this cheerfully and without scorn.)

The pattern called for stretch velvet and, being the literal type, I purchased some straight away. The local stretch velvet selection was decidedly more Halloween than the hippie chic of the original.

I don't think this dress will see the public eye again. But at least I can take joy in the fact that the Selfish Seamstress pulled it off. (Of course she did, she's incredibly talented and detail oriented. Curse her!) Maybe I can wear my velvet bathrobe while I polish the floor under her impeccably shod feet.
The Selfish Seamstress in giraffe print glory.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shocking Pink Shirt: FAIL

This is the best I've ever looked in this shirt. It's perfect for when I stand on a chair and peruse our CD collection with one hand on my hip. Which I do every day never.

I imagined pixielink's dreamy 1 piece Kimono tee pattern as an eye-popping pink summer dress with contrasting orange bias tape trim. Instead, I created this nightmare.

Error 1: Choosing a fabric that was too stiff. This pattern is beautiful in a fluid fabric and sporty in cotton jersey. This polyester version looks like a shiny pink sack.

Error 2: Using a woven fabric for a knit pattern without going up a size and/or adding darts. This pattern is a loose fit, but not loose enough where I need it. See how tight the shirt is around the bust and hips and baggy everywhere else? Ick.

Error 3: Failing to add an inch or two of fitting ease in the bottom half of the dress, which I created by extending the pattern into an A-line skirt based on my hip measurements. Pin fitting got downright dangerous around my hips, with pins popping in all directions across our studio. Rather than attempt to widen the skirt (à la my Wild Flag fail), I chopped it off.

I'm not sure how to salvage this one. Since the sleeves are cut as one with the body, it would be tricky to adjust/eliminate them. Adding bust darts and a zipper may also be too big a challenge. Maybe chop off the top and turn it into a shirred tube top? Because I wear those all the time (not).

Even though this attempt was a failure, I'm still in love with the pattern. I wear this version from last year constantly.

And perhaps there's hope yet for a dress variation? With these lovely pieces as inspiration, it's hard to let the idea go.

L: Nani Iro Fuccra Kimono by katriniella
R: dress (1 piece kimono tee) by yoshimi the flying squirrel

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Birthday Tank: PASS

The ribbing on this tank top is proof that practice really does pay off (duh). Being able to whip up one of these tank tops without trouble is a beautiful thing. But what's even more lovely is the birthday girl. (Isn't she sassy?) She texted me this pic and assured me her present is a "pass." Yay!

Though my obsession with the Tank Girl crew neck variation from Sew U Home Stretch: The Built by Wendy Guide to Sewing Knit Fabrics is far from over, it's time to try new things. Like this Cynthia Rowley Dress (Simplicity 2250). 
The image is from PatternReview.com, which predict I'll be relying on heavily.
Or, as I like to call it, the "What the hell am I getting myself into?" dress.

Here's a picture from Idle Fancy of the numerous and bizarre bodice pieces. Gulp.