Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stretch Velvet Wrap Dress: FAIL

Me: Hey, this isn't so bad. Is it?

Husband: It looks like a purple bathrobe. Is that bad?

Me: I don't want to go out in public in a bathrobe. Does it really look like a bathrobe?

Husband: Everything about that dress makes it look like a bathrobe.

Since I'm still slogging away on my current project, here's a fail from yesteryear. I think I made this wrap dress in 2007, #115 from the 9/2006 issue of Burda World of Fashion magazine (now called Burda Style). The dress is incredibly comfortable, like a stretch velvet bathrobe. (Dammit!)

I wore it often for a couple years, despite a comment from a coworker that I looked "like a purple theater seat." (In her defense, she said this cheerfully and without scorn.)

The pattern called for stretch velvet and, being the literal type, I purchased some straight away. The local stretch velvet selection was decidedly more Halloween than the hippie chic of the original.

I don't think this dress will see the public eye again. But at least I can take joy in the fact that the Selfish Seamstress pulled it off. (Of course she did, she's incredibly talented and detail oriented. Curse her!) Maybe I can wear my velvet bathrobe while I polish the floor under her impeccably shod feet.
The Selfish Seamstress in giraffe print glory.

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