Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jammie Pants: PASS

photo of Simplicity 2823 pajama pants

Since I've spent my down time this week nursing a cold and reading Harry Potter aloud, here's a winner from my sewing past: Simplicity 2823 family jammies.

These pants are easy to sew, but are sized for Hagrid. I recommend tissue fitting or embracing the necessary on-the-fly alterations if you're average human height. (I ended up doing both. I'm a terrible tissue fitter.)

Reinforcing the crotch seam with twill tape will add longevity, especially if you go directly from work clothes to jammies every evening. That's right. Don't show up to my house after seven if you expect to see me in real pants.

chillin in my jammy pants cartoon by luemlove at deviantART
I think luemlove at deviantART knows what I'm talking about.


  1. Hahahaha! I have a ginormous pair of flannel pajama pants that I made. I should have embraced some on-the-fly changes. Seriously, I should have seen that my pants were indeed large enough to fit my whole family in. Congrats on yours! They look good!

    1. HA! I'd like to see that as a Christmas card photo. :)
      Do you still have the pants? Maybe you could still size them down.