Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not-Ugly Car Trash Bag: PASS

I've forgone sewing this week for vacation/Black Market Books promotional tour preparations. I'm counting on this car trash bag from One-Yard Wonders  to help me keep my sanity as we peel wrappers, wad kleenex, and generally make a mess of things over 1,300 miles in a brand-new car. I know. It's unfair to put that big a burden on such a little sewing project.

This little bag was such fun to make and helped me chip away at my stash. I used fabric left over from another One-Yard Wonders project, the Leisure Suit Lapdog. The buckle is from my son's old bike helmet. (Compulsive fastener saving = completely justified!)

My son decided one pocket is for trash and the other's for recycling. This system kept things relatively clean in our car from 1997. My standards are a bit  much higher in the 2012 model. We'll see how this puppy holds up.


  1. Hrm. !300 miles is not enough for you to visit me. Boo.

  2. Not even close. :( We'll have to start saving for plane fare...