Sunday, August 5, 2012

Undaunted Top: FAIL

"undaunted" top fail

My current project is still in the cutting stages due to binge reading beautifully crafted novels set in zombie infested Manhattan and in N. Korea. The protagonists meet their bleak (and I mean bleak) outlooks with action. In their honor, I bring you the "Undaunted" top. An utter failure.

Error 1: Ignoring what works for my body type. Blouson tops make me look like a potato. A bare shoulder is cute, but can't save this shirt.

Error 2: Using a fabric with too much body. I might have pulled this off if I hadn't used a bed sheet. (Let's be honest, I wouldn't have. See Error 1.)

To be fair, Jennifer Casa, the lovely lady below who shared this free pattern, encouraged her readers to "have fun customizing it to fit and flatter your figure." If I were to try this again, I might lengthen the pattern and put the elasticized thread around the waistline. It's more likely I'll pick up another novel and leave this pattern in the past.

Jennifer Casa wearing "undaunted" top. Photo from Sew, Mama, Sew! website.
Undaunted Jennifer Casa from Sew, Mama, Sew!


  1. I like it Vanessa. I think you can pull it off. But, reflecting back upon my sewing days in high school when I still had dreams of becoming a designer, why is it that nothing turned out the way I imagined? Was I lazy? uninformed? or did I just need more duct tape?

    1. Ha! Lu, you are cracking me up with the duct tape. I didn't sew in high school, but I did try fusing together a skirt out of a heavy duty garbage bag with my mom's iron. Neither of us were pleased with the results...

  2. Whenever I get stuck in a potato sack, I just reach for a bright belt and cinch that waist in!