Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wild Flag Tribute Skirt: PASS

Don't call it a comeback.

As I cut out hundreds of several pieces of underlining for my crazy ambition dress, inspiration struck for my Wild Flag fail. What if I underlined it (to get rid of the itchiness), cut off the excess fabric around the waist (that won't gather for an elastic waistband, anyway), and added a zipper?

Before Mama could say "knock you out," I had pulled down a close fitting skirt to use as a template. I traced its shape onto the Wild Flag fail and cut away. I added pink polyester knit underlining, a pink invisible zipper, and a white grosgrain ribbon facing. That skirt was disassembled, reassembled, and sewn up before it knew what hit it.

Yes, I realize I didn't post any waistband pictures. Trust me, the fit is much better. Another plus: wearing this skirt makes me feel like a character from Scott Pilgrim. (Even if it is Monique.)

Husband: That skirt looks great on you.

Me: Thanks! (internal: HUUUH!)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Parking Tee Redux: PASS

September in Ann Arbor means the return of Michigan football and my favorite aspect of this rich tradition: selling parking to out-of-town fans. I picked up this t-shirt last year during student move-out. The previous owner had cut off the neckband for a saucy Flashdance look. After a few football Saturdays, it was stretched out beyond the limits of decency.

Enter my two favorite elastics: clear elastic and elastic thread. I gathered the neckline with clear elastic and added side shirring with elastic thread in the bobbin. After an hour of pre-game sewing, I was good to go. I'm not much of a football fan, but I do love chanting, shaking pom-poms, and extra cash. This shirt should last all season. Go Blue!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Smocked Sundress: PASS

Nothing is more comfortable to wear after an indulgent road trip than the Mendocino Sundress from Heather Ross. Our tour of the Upper Midwest involved a significant increase in beer, cheese, and dessert consumption--and a drastic decrease in exercise. My travel dress reeked of campfire smoke and was spattered in sauces by the time I got home. Thank goodness this old favorite was waiting for me!

The toddler version is also easy to make and absolutely adorable. Here's one I made for a small friend of mine and a photo of my first favorite sundress. (That one was likely made by my aunt, a talented and prolific home sewer. May her impeccable fabric choices and precision be a beacon to me in dark times.)