Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wild Flag Tribute Skirt: PASS

Don't call it a comeback.

As I cut out hundreds of several pieces of underlining for my crazy ambition dress, inspiration struck for my Wild Flag fail. What if I underlined it (to get rid of the itchiness), cut off the excess fabric around the waist (that won't gather for an elastic waistband, anyway), and added a zipper?

Before Mama could say "knock you out," I had pulled down a close fitting skirt to use as a template. I traced its shape onto the Wild Flag fail and cut away. I added pink polyester knit underlining, a pink invisible zipper, and a white grosgrain ribbon facing. That skirt was disassembled, reassembled, and sewn up before it knew what hit it.

Yes, I realize I didn't post any waistband pictures. Trust me, the fit is much better. Another plus: wearing this skirt makes me feel like a character from Scott Pilgrim. (Even if it is Monique.)

Husband: That skirt looks great on you.

Me: Thanks! (internal: HUUUH!)