Sunday, October 14, 2012

Orange Tulip Skirt: FAIL

In 2009 I was beguiled by the tulip-shaped Marie skirt from I thought this simple (and free!) pattern would be a lovely way to update my wardrobe.

Well, the fabric is lovely, anyway.

I think I've mentioned I'm crap at tissue fitting. If ever I needed to go a step further and make a muslin, it was for the Marie. I would have realized that this "high waisted" skirt rides unflatteringly low. That the front and back pleats make me look like I'm wearing a balloon. And, most importantly, that I can't walk in the damn thing.

It reminds me of a story my high school English teacher told about his grandmother running to catch a streetcar in a hobble skirt. The side seam was no match for her, slitting up to mid-thigh. If it weren't for the interfacing at the hem (Say whaaa? Why did I blindly follow this instruction?), I may have found similar relief.

As it is, this tulip skirt is being transplanted to the refashion pile.

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