Sunday, October 7, 2012

Zipper-Leg Capris: FAIL

Like a second pitcher of sangria, these capris from 2006 seemed like a good idea at the time. I had a beautiful piece of fabric and a pattern that looked simple and fun. My measurements matched the pattern envelope exactly, so I was good to go, right?

Looking back, I must have been drunk to think I could make pants (pants!) straight from the pattern. Only I don't drink and sew because then I stick myself with pins and get steam burns from the iron. So really, there's no good excuse for this mess.

My first bad decision was making capris. Built by Wendy patterns had just come out and I was intoxicated by the detailing of (now out-of-print) Simplicity 4110. Zippers at the hems and a charming hip yoke do not change the fact that capris make my legs look stumpy.

My second poor choice: barreling ahead without so much as a tissue fitting. Seriously? Like waist and hip circumference are the only things going on in a pair of pants?

I spent a few giddy evenings constructing these capris with loving care. When I finally slipped them on, I wanted to cry. The rise was so low that I got goosebumps, the literal kind, on my exposed hip and midriff. When I moved, the pants shifted even lower. The back pocket flaps made my butt look ridiculous. And did I mention stumpy legs?

I tried to salvage this fail by first adding a button to cinch the waistband, then taking in the side seams. The result? Ugly short pants that don't fall down. The only thing for it is to sleep this one off and repurpose the fabric for another project.

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