Monday, November 5, 2012

Denim Pencil Skirt: PASS

On a whim, I picked up The Joy of Less at the library. It's about how owning fewer possessions can clear your mind. I was digging the concept until the author suggested keeping one box of craft supplies and chucking it if you decided to pursue a new hobby for a while. This skirt would never have happened if that were my approach. 

In the early 2000s I purchased New Look 6843 and lots of fabric. The plan was to make a bountiful wardrobe of work-ready skirts. I sewed up plenty, but never got to this length of dark blue denim. So I donated the pattern and fabric in the name of minimalism. So I hung on to them until inspiration struck.

Fast forward to last winter, when I was overcome by the desire for a denim pencil skirt and realized I had the perfect pattern and fabric ready to go. I used view B and moved the side slit to the back. I also inadvertently added an extra set of darts in the front. The tighter fit emphasizes my waist and keeps me from eating too many brownies at staff potlucks.

While the idea of an uncluttered home is attractive, my creative process relies on keeping materials on hand and in view. That said, I'm all for clearing out things I don't need. That first batch of work skirts was donated long ago. And I think today I'll return The Joy of Less to the library.

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