Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scoop Neck Dress: PASS

I ate the most incredible taco at Maxwell Street Market in Chicago last Sunday. It was a delicious jumble of colors, textures, and flavors. Then it all went wrong. (Which is why you had no post last week, for anyone keeping track.)

This dress was meant to be a practice run for a mixture of patterns from Built by Wendy Sew U Home Stretch (Get the Scoop crew neck + Tiny Bubble dress). I selected my most uninspiring stash fabric: a thin, beige, polyester with a tiny flower print. Expectations were low, poisonous taco low. After a couple hours and one pattern tweak (adding a gusset at the armhole), it all went right!

The shape of the dress elevated the appeal of the print for me. I like the scooped neckline, straight waistband, and full skirt. The cap sleeves make this office-worthy during the summer and also fit well under a cardigan or jacket. You can see a bit more of the neckline and sleeves below. (Is there a name for this type of hunched-over-the-computer photo? I feel like I've seen it A LOT.)

The fit is defined enough that I don't feel dumpy and loose enough that I can eat as many tacos as I like. Which is exactly what I did before the photo at the top of this post. Only this time at Chela's, where the food is always delicious and never makes me sick!

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