Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wrap-Around Jacket: FAIL

Oh, wrap-around jacket 126 from Burda Magazine 9/2009. You're like the homely friend in an 80s teen movie who helps the audience learn heartfelt life lessons. Only there's no makeover montage and boyfriend in it for you. Sigh.

I did learn three important lessons from this homely wrap jacket.

1. A piece of clothing isn't going to change who you are. I love clothes, but I hate fussing with them. My favorite pieces to wear are straightforward and allow freedom of movement without getting in the way. A wrap-around jacket was a terrible choice. I felt uncomfortable every time I wore it. Open, it swished around and got caught under my chair. Wrapped closed, it made me feel like a trussed-up turkey.

2. Sometimes it takes time to recognize a bad decision. When I finished this project in May 2010,  thought I had created something fashionable, practical, and versatile. (Read my BurdaStyle project entry if you don't believe me.) It took a year before I realized this jacket was being pushed farther and farther back into my closet. And it took another year before I decided to ditch it.

Here's a sample of the many horrible looks I tried. (Notice how some look okay from one angle then, AAAGH! freak show.)

3. Mending has its payoffs. I love making new things. That's why sewing is such a thrill. But sometimes mending, which can be equal parts boring and frustrating, is a much better use of time. See that dress under the jacket? It's the bomb! But I haven't worn it in a year because the front interfacing that helps the dress hold its shape is ripped. Though it will probably only take an hour (if that) to fix, I have not yet repaired it. (But I have patched a few holes in the jacket with Mighty Mendit. Which makes zero sense.)

So thanks, wrap-around jacket, for helping me grow as a person. Sorry this story ends with me cutting you into pieces. After I repair the black dress, I might need bits of you for a new project.


  1. I love the look of the open style on the top row. I wouldn't call that a fail at all. If I were a couple of sizes smaller I would ask you to send it to me!

  2. If you know someone who wears a Burda 40, it's theirs!