Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Napkins and Kitchen Towels: PASS

It took me a few years of failed New Year's Resolutions for me to realize I didn't really care about annual resolutions. Now I pick one or two things to work on throughout the year and go until the accomplishment/habit makes my life better or I decide the pursuit is not worth it. (I ditched using a daily fitness/calorie tracker this way. The stress of calculating the calories in each homemade meal made me miserable.)

Last year I resolved to use more of my stash fabric, which had grown to an embarrassing size. One of the lovely pieces in my collection was this charming cotton print.

I had hung onto it for years, waiting for the right project. Then my dad asked me for kitchen towels and napkins for Christmas. It turns out one of his resolutions is to stop using paper towels.

I gathered up a few stash fabrics I thought he might like and tried some new techniques, using these nine-minute napkin and tea towel tutorials. The results? Not perfect, but at the very least I'll use them without hesitation when I visit!

In case you're wondering, my current sewing goals are to make a great pair of jeans and to mend something before staring each new project. I'm also continuing my commitment to trying new things. I figure there must be something to this approach if Penelope Trunk is writing about it.

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