Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ruby Shorts: FAIL

When temperatures hit 60 in Ann Arbor, the college women bust out their shorts. Our January heat wave is the perfect time to show you my busted version of BurdaStyle's Ruby shorts pattern circa 2009 or so.

"Aw, c'mon," you say. "Those aren't so bad." That's because you haven't seen the back.

Yikes! This is not the bootylicious version on BurdaStyle. The fact that my ass has apparently flattened when viewed from the side isn't the pattern's fault. But something must not be right in the back. No butt, pancake or otherwise, should be seen greedily munching fabric.

Perhaps my old vice, poor fabric selection, is part of the problem? When I bought this king size sheet at an estate sale in 2007, I thought it was perfect for my summer sewing. (My first project was an ill-fitting shirtdress, which has long since been donated and probably turned into rags.)

Also on display are my early attempts at welt and flap pockets. I failed so miserably that I've been too shy to try welt pockets since. (Though these beautiful pockets by Sunni are inspiring me to try them again.)

I do love the buttons on these shorts, even if the buttonholes are a bit sloppy. Maybe I'll use them in another project, though likely not shorts. I think I have some fitting/fabric selection/squats to work on before I try those again.

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