Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pink (Faux) Wrap Top: PASS

Last month I bought two yards of luxurious cobalt blue rayon jersey. It's incredibly soft and fluid and will undoubtedly feel amazing when I finally wear it. I purchased it with Simplicity 1916 in mind. But after my candy striped fail, I wasn't getting my precious fabric anywhere near that pattern. At least, not until I could sew a passable version first.

Enter my fabric hoard (it's way beyond stash, people) and this pink abstract print in a mystery poly-lycra blend.

I reviewed my lessons from last post and proceeded slowly and carefully. How slowly? INCREDIBLY SLOWLY. As in, redo the first seam five times to correct mistakes slowly. How carefully? EXTRA CAREFULLY after the first seam. As in, I may use a FriXion pen for transferring markings, but I'm going old school and hand basting because this fabric is slippery as a mofo.

This time around, I remembered to stretch my neckline facing as I applied it. Then instead of turning it under, I folded it up like neckband and topstitched with a twin needle. Why fight a facing that never stays under when you can turn it up and make it look cute?

I also sewed in the sleeves flat, which made so much more sense than fussing around with inserting a sleeve after the side seams were sewn. (If that made no sense to you, check out Sunni's explanation at A Fashionable Stitch.)

Stretching the neck facing as I sewed really helped the fit, front and back. (Though it's still not perfect.) Taking extra time with the front gathers also paid off. (I spent probably two hours on this small section, basting, checking, re-basting, until it was right.)

The end result is definitely something I'll wear. Though I may need to go down a size if I use a super stretchy fabric again. And maybe next time I'll use a warmer fabric. This one is chilly on the skin! Good thing this shirt looks good under a cardigan.

As for the cobalt rayon jersey? I think it's destined for another pattern. Which of course I'll test first. I hope all this delayed gratification is worth it!

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