Sunday, March 10, 2013

Raglan Sleeve Dress: PASS

Son: "Aren't you glad you made a dress from that ratty old bedspread?"
Me: "Is this dress too short for work? I don't want to look racy."
Husband: "There is nothing racy about that dress."
Friend: "It's like you're wearing a menagerie!"
Though not 100% pleased with the fit, I continue to wear this dress in part because of the interesting comments it generates. It's 105 from Burda Magazine 7/2009 and features raglan sleeves, a drawstring "waist," and in-seam pockets. I made mine in 2011 from, yes, a ratty old bedspread I found during student move out. 

The beach-to-brunch magazine version is made up in a flowing cotton-silk batiste that looks so soft and glamorous. The roughly woven cotton in my version is stiffer and not-so-glam. Though I do wear it to the beach!

What I don't like about the fit is the dropped waist, a style that makes me look like a lumpy potato. I was so dazzled by the fashion photo that I ignored the technical drawing (and the pattern pieces!), which makes it clear that the drawstring "waist" is below the waistline.

LESSON: Fashion photos are illusions, technical drawings are facts.

I get around this by hiking up the skirt and tying a self fabric sash I made at my true waistline. Though lately I've been using this gray one that's been kicking around my closet (unworn!) since 1989. The sash option makes it a bit lumpy at the waist, but hey.

I am pleased as punch with the pattern placement. Getting the pieces laid right was no small feat, given the complexity of the print and the number of stains and holes in my fabric. (Eww, I know. HOT water wash when pretreating this baby!) I successfully avoided the classic flowers-over-boobs error and achieved some interesting layouts with the animals. The huge green bird across the back is my absolute favorite.

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