Sunday, March 31, 2013

Strapless Knit Dress: PASS

I was hoping to debut a cozy knit shirt this weekend, but the hem is still woefully wobbly. Instead, I present my version of the Tiny Bubble dress from, you guessed it, Built by Wendy's Sew U Home Stretch.

This is not the straight-up version, which has a bubble hem (duh) and a shortened bodice. I need more room up top than a B-cup gal, so I left the bodice alone. (No, I can't lie to you. I shortened the bodice according to instructions, realized the handkerchief-sized pattern piece wouldn't do, and taped the cut-away piece back on.) While bubble hems have resurfaced in recent years, I still associate them with the smell of burning hairspray on a curling iron. So, yeah, straight hem for me.

The floral and fuchsia jersey is from my husband's late, vivacious aunt. I didn't know she sewed until after she passed and I was honored to receive some of her fabric stash.  There were some delightfully wacky prints and bold colors, in addition to yards and yards of corduroy and jersey. Truly a kindred fabric spirit.

I sewed this dress in summer 2011 and wore it constantly. The loose cut was so comfortable in the heat of July and August. It remains a perennial favorite because I can wear it so many ways. In fact, last year at this time I was wearing this dress every day as part of  the Tilly and the Buttons One Week One Pattern (OWOP) Challenge. I never did get around to submitting my photo links. Maybe this will make up for it...

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