Sunday, March 17, 2013

Undies: FAIL

My underwear drawer is in a sorry state.  It holds three pairs I can wear without shame and three that are downright disgraceful. (Including handmade mini bloomers that, due to poor seam finishes, have frayed to near collapse). I don't want to pay Target for underwear when I have a sewing machine and 30 pounds of t-shirts. Last week I decided it was time to take action.

Tracing a well-fitting pair I already own would have made the most sense. Instead, I made these:

1. Free Hipster Pattern from Using foldover elastic seemed easy enough: fold it over the raw edge of the fabric and stitch. Oh, if only. The legs on this pair (sewn while pulling the elastic) are tight and the waist (sewn while not pulling the elastic) is loose. Nothing says "you're doing it wrong" like a simultaneously saggy and binding pair of drawers.

2. Modified version of the hipster pattern, with added height to more fully cover my backside. Aren't they cute? It's too bad they're too small. (Wah-wah.)

3. Rosy Ladyshorts from Cloth Habit. These look delightful when you make them out of the stretch lace that's called for. Unfortunately, I don't have any of that kicking around. (This pair is done up in the same brown wobbly knit as the failed "perfect" knit dress.) I also lack 1" stretch lace trim. Maybe that's why my ladyshorts don't look nearly as pretty as the many, many other versions out there. (And why the elastic popped off after one wearing.)

So I'm back where I started: frequent laundering and a resistance to buying new underwear. You can bet I'll be copying a pair of my good ones soon...before they become too tattered to trace!

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