Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blue Pleated Skirt: PASS

Sometimes I get hung up on the small stuff. For example, are the inserts on this skirt pleats or godets? After 15 minutes of research, I'm not 100% sure. If I hadn't caught myself, I could have spent my entire blog time down the rabbit hole. And really, is the terminology that important?

I started this turquoise denim (let's say) pleated skirt in 2005 (Simplicity 9823, view F). It came together pretty quickly, but a fear of hemming kept me from completing the project before my pregnancy belly made it obsolete. Really, it was all done but the hem! Two years later, I applied fusible hem tape and this skirt went into heavy rotation. In 2010, I garnered the courage to rip out the (now not quite adhesive) tape and put in a line of stitching around the hem. 

And just like that, an unfinished project becomes something I wear every week. Am I the only one who lets little details like a hem stall a project? With all the talk of UFOs (unfinished objects, for those learning sewing lingo) in the online sewing community, I think probably not.


  1. I would guess that about 98% of projects that I have started are UFOs, and very regularly the are put aside when the finish line is in sight. I have no idea why.

    1. I bet there's a good business in finishing up people's UFOs. Too bad I don't have the stomach for it! :)