Sunday, April 7, 2013

Draped Neckline Top: PASS

I usually think I'm right. Except, of course, when I'm not. I try to recognize when I'm wrong in enough time to gracefully accept the fact and move on. I began working on this attitude adjustment in the second grade after I spent an entire walk home from school arguing to my friends that "butt" is absolutely spelled with one "t." (Sadly, Homophones Weakly was not yet in existence.)

I've had a lot of practice in humility and grace since then, but remain oddly stubborn on things like sizing. Fitting experts and sewing instructors advise women, especially busty ones, to select a shirt and dress size based on high bust measurement. (This is taken around the chest, just above the bust.) My high bust measures 34 inches, so I should make a size 12. For years I've made a size 14 based on my full bust and hip measurements. Two measurements matching are better than none, right?

And this is why it's good to write a sewing blog. Because in reviewing my projects, and seeing the same fitting issues over and over, I started to think maybe I should follow the fitting experts' advice. For McCall's M6612 (view A, shortened to shirt length), I decided to cut a 12 and see how it turned out.

Of course it worked wonderfully. The fit is lovely with no drooping shoulders or excess fabric at the back neckline. Since it's a knit, I didn't bother with a full bust adjustment. I stabilized all the seams with clear elastic and used Steam-A-Seam for a non-wobbly hem.

My reward for admitting I was wrong is a cute new work shirt and the promise of better fitting clothes in the years to come. It makes me wonder, though. Has anyone else been making the wrong size out of stubbornness (or fear of full bust adjustments)? Or held onto another completely wrong belief just because they were certain they were right? Do tell!


  1. I'm with you. I'm also full busted didn't learn the trick about the high bust measurement until fairly recently. I'm now on a mission to become a master at full bust adjustments so that I can have tops that fit me properly. By the way, your top looks great!

  2. Thanks, ladies. Kim, if you master the FBA, make sure to do a post!

  3. I saw your top on made by Rae's blog! Yours looks so good I bought the pattern and fabric on sale this weekend so that I can make my own!

    1. !!! That is super exciting! I hope the pattern goes well for you and that you'll post a pic in the flickr pool.