Sunday, April 14, 2013

Roller Shades: PASS

Not long after we bought our house, we held a yard sale to offload the random junk left behind by the previous owners (and the stuff we unpacked and then wished we hadn't). I was eager to rid my home of roller shades, mini blinds, and their ilk. Seven years of crummy student rental housing will do that to you. Into the sale they went. I felt like a real grownup.

A few months later, I realized we needed window treatments on the first floor. More specifically, we needed fabric roller shades. Then I felt like a real, real grownup, the kind that gripes about paying full price for things. Those rods are expensive, yo! As I shelled out 70 precious dollars for hardware, I remembered the hungry look in the eye of the garage sale customer who bought our shades for $1 a pop.

After the sticker shock faded, I started to enjoy the project. I found this mustard color home dec print on sale and bought a boatload. Using the Hamlyn Book of Soft Furnishings as my guide, and the dining room table as my ironing board, I went to work. (For all you dining room crafters, I recommend putting something down on the table to protect the finish. Don't tell my former roommate, but I think his table wasn't quite as shiny after I pressed 10 yards of Fuse-A-Shade on it.)

The process was pretty straightforward: measure, cut, press, hem, staple to the rod. I decided to reverse the direction of the roll so that the pretty side would face in when the shades were down. (Picture the toilet paper coming out over the top of the roll.) Getting the tension right on the rods was tricky. Some of the shades spring right back up, others I have to roll by hand. I'm willing to live with that.

These shades are less than perfect, but good enough to PASS. Fabric roller shades are definitely a step up from white vinyl. And they come in handy when I feel like a real, real, real grownup, the kind who doesn't want passersby watching when she tries to keep up with Cassey Ho.

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