Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stars and Stripes Shirt: FAIL

It almost seems cruel that fresh on the heels of (finally) selecting the right size shirt pattern for myself, I should get it completely wrong for my son. He's requested a purple and pink striped button-down shirt without a collar. I thought Burda magazine 9/2008 number 142 would fit the bill.

When the only pink and purple striped fabric available is $8.98/yard, you can bet I'm making a practice version. This was the only striped fabric in my stash. I bought it at Wal-Mart 10 years ago for a sleeveless shirt. Why, I have no idea. I am not a theme shirt kind of person, nor what you'd call overtly patriotic. (Unless you count tearing up during the national anthem at baseball games.)

Measuring is not my strong suit. But this time I thought I was meticulous! I took my son's measurements according to the size chart (instead of sizing by height, which is common for kids' clothes). I even used metric, thinking I might get a more accurate match. So why, then, does this shirt look two sizes too small?

I'm pretty sure it's not Burda's fault.

Time for new measurements, both of the boy and a shirt that fits him. Anyone have a five-year-old who loves 'Merica? Once I get the buttons on this baby, it's off to a new home.

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