Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Refashioned Prairie Skirt: PASS

I put the "or altered" clause in my Me Made May pledge with this skirt in mind. After years in the refashion pile, waiting until June seemed suddenly too long.

I bought this skirt at a yard sale four years ago and have been mulling over its future ever since. I loved the pinkish beige color and the tiers of ruffles. But dang if it wasn't too small in the waist. What to do? Make it a billowing strapless dress? Insert a contrasting panel? Neither seemed right. The skirt sat through summer after summer in my closet.

Recently, I had a "duh!" moment. As in, "Duh! Just pick out the zipper, sew up the back, and insert an elastic waistband." Twenty minutes later, I had a new zipper in my collection and a skirt I can actually wear. It's delightfully swishy, perfect for beer-and-hammock evenings.

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