Sunday, June 16, 2013

Madame Butterfly Dress: FAIL

Unintentional duck face, I swear.
Here it is, the project that makes me wring my hands ever time I see it: the Madame Butterfly dress variation from Sew U Home Stretch. Sewn up in a lovely designer knit. Almost never worn (and even then, with a cardigan). The problems fall into two categories:

1. Body issues. We all know that lots of ladies wish they had more, less, or different curves. I'm not usually 100% confident in my particular combination and this dress leaves no room for apprehension. Had I paid attention to the ease included in the pattern (none!), I could have corrected for this. But I sewed up my size without a second thought.

2. Construction and design errors. This dress, from 2008 or 2009, was one of my first forays into knits. I wish I could say my skills with necklines have improved! Not only is the facing flipped over (despite my attempt at understitching to keep it in place), but the neckline has stretched out over time.

Some of my disappointment stems from following the fashion illustration vs. the technical one. The ruffle, about half the size as the one in the illustration, looks a bit like an afterthought. The sleeves are longer than pictured in the book, ending in an unflattering place right below the bust. If I had paid more attention, these errors would have been easy to spot and fix.

As it is, I keep pulling this dress out of my closet and putting it back in.

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