Monday, June 24, 2013

Pleated Neckline Shirt: FAIL

When I was first learning violin, I imagined I was a strolling minstrel during practice time. I played eight-bar songs while sashaying up and down the hallway. I didn't realize it at the time, but I sounded utterly awful. My parents, bless them, didn't tell me this. They said they were glad I enjoyed playing and could I please practice in my room with the door closed?

I knew I made plenty of mistakes when I sewed this shirt version of Burda Style Magazine 8/2007 101A in 2008, but thoroughly enjoyed wearing the final product. But as my sewing improved, it moved further and further back in the closet. The lumpy fit and wonky bias tape trim got harder to overlook.

I considered converting this shirt into napkins last month, but my husband suggested I keep it around. He was right. It's a great shirt of last resort, keeping me cool in this sweltering heat when all my other summer clothes are hanging on the laundry line. It's also a nice reminder of a time when I was pleased just to finish a project and wasn't so picky on the details.

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