Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tübingen Bag: PASS

I really wanted to show you a failed project this week. It's been looking far too rosy around here. Rest assured, not everything I touch a needle to turns to gold. But you'll have to wait until Sunday to see the fail that makes me wring my hands the most.

In the meantime, isn't this cute? I keep this purse, made from machen/machen's free Wasp Bag pattern, at work for trips when I don't want the extra weight of my beautiful quilted bike bag. The pleats make this bag very roomy. Roomy enough to carry whatever I'm toting plus my actual purse (which is too shameful to be seen on its own). 

I bought this fabric as a souvenir from a delightful store in Tübingen, Germany, one of Ann Arbor's sister cities. I used the wrong side for the contrast at the top of the bag. The Wasp Bag pattern includes an interior pocket and a strap for your keys, which is so useful. If I were to make it again, I might add a zipper to the pocket to keep my phone safely inside.

Blue and yellow were a hot color combination the summer I sewed it up. I had no idea I'd be carrying it around the University of Michigan campus years later!

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