Saturday, July 27, 2013

Halter Top: FAIL

I'm starting to run out of old projects to blog when I'm not sewing. Maybe next time I'm exhausted from a busy week at work, I should whip up a quick project instead of letting my brain slowly melt over a B-movie.

For example, I could make a billowy sack that I never wear, like this halter top (circa 2009) from Sew U Home Stretch. You might recognize the fabric from my PASS version of the 1 piece kimono tee. The original fashion fabric ties were too stretchy to hold up the neckline. This white twill tape keeps my shirt up, but can't save unflattering fit. Wendy says, "This daring, shoulder-baring, silhouette can look totally different depending on  the fabric you use." Something tells me that no fabric can make this pattern work for me.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Simple Shorts: FAIL

I've been too scared to make pants since my capri disaster. The Maycie After Five blog offered a simple alternative: make a pattern by tracing a pair of shorts I already own.

Now is when you should click over to see how adorable Maycie's shorts are.

I know, right? So what went wrong with mine?

Obvious mistake #1: fabric choice
Or as my husband puts it, "I don't understand how you could not know those would look like clown pants."

Obvious mistake #2: over simplifying
By now I should know that making anything from a single pattern piece without shaping is a bad move for my body.

While these are not making it out in public, I will say they are quite comfortable as I sit in an 80+ degree house. Looks like I got a new pair of jammie shorts.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Everyday Napkins: PASS

We're staying with our friends in Montreal this week, who are always so welcoming when we come crashing into their lives to keep the kids up past bedtime and stop up the toilet. As a preemptive apology for whatever we break this time, I sewed up a batch of Gingercake's nine-minute everyday napkins. If you're looking for a well-illustrated, speedy quick, napkin tutorial this is it. My imprecise cutting and folding made for some funky corners and uneven hems. Nothing a couple extra rows of topstitching can't camouflage, though!