Sunday, July 14, 2013

Simple Shorts: FAIL

I've been too scared to make pants since my capri disaster. The Maycie After Five blog offered a simple alternative: make a pattern by tracing a pair of shorts I already own.

Now is when you should click over to see how adorable Maycie's shorts are.

I know, right? So what went wrong with mine?

Obvious mistake #1: fabric choice
Or as my husband puts it, "I don't understand how you could not know those would look like clown pants."

Obvious mistake #2: over simplifying
By now I should know that making anything from a single pattern piece without shaping is a bad move for my body.

While these are not making it out in public, I will say they are quite comfortable as I sit in an 80+ degree house. Looks like I got a new pair of jammie shorts.

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