Monday, August 26, 2013

Candy Stripe Button-Down: PASS

I swear, my son hasn't seen any James Bond movies yet. Does the act of shooting things innately inspire this pose? (Even when shooting a nonthreatening tool like this infrared thermometer checked out from the library?)

At last! Here is the completed pink-and-purple striped button-down shirt for my son (Burda magazine 9/2008 number 143). I think he's got at least a month before he outgrows it.

You might remember my failed first attempt and successful prototype from earlier posts. Too bad I let two months go between sewing sessions on this project. I made several embarrassing goofs (e.g. sewing the cuff ends together) and completely forgot how to attach the sleeve binding. Thankfully, I keep a well-stocked sewing reference library. After reading several sets of instructions, including the set I used last time, the ones in The Sewing Book by Ann Ladbury made sense.

There's still plenty of room for improvement. I need practice inserting sleeves, placing buttons, and using bias trim. But none of these shortfalls will stop my son from wearing the shirt. Unfortunately for me, I am sick to death of the picky details of shirt making and will probably forget all I've learned before I try it again. Maybe I'll take some notes and slip them in with the pattern.

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