Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Self-Drafted Workout Pants: PASS

After last week's failed attempt at new workout pants, I decided to search for leggings tutorials instead of using a pattern. I found a winner in 0.33 seconds: Cal Patch's 2012 tutorial on Etsy.

I haven't worn leggings much since junior high. This tutorial was such a joy that I might start. These were so easy to make.  I credit Cal Patch's clear instructions and illustrations. Having ONE pattern piece made to measure also helps!

This project was a breeze until the waistband, which stymied my spatial relations skills. Once again, I copied Oona's technique. But somehow I forgot the basic steps for constructing a fold-over waistband. I folded and sewed it incorrectly four times before I got it right. Then I tried to get fancy with an inside pocket...on the outside.

When I stopped sewing for the night, the waistband was still a bit loose, but I was too eager to wear the pants during today's workout and bike commute to go back and fix it. They held up great and felt so good that I kept them on all evening. Is this how the whole leggings-as-pants thing got started? This might be a slippery slope.

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