Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wacky Self-Drafted Leggings: PASS

I visited a store in Montreal this summer that had the largest selection of stretch material I've ever seen. It was on the third floor of a warehouse somewhere on Boulevard Saint Laurent, in a concrete colored part of town across from a bus yard. I'll have to look up the name and address. This place was too good to keep to myself. [UPDATE: Stretch Text Fabrics, 9320 Blvd. St. Laurent #300]

There were bolts of spandex, stretch lace, and swimsuit fabric as far as the eye can see. After a good hour of pawing through the aisles, I came away with this wacky print and a few tamer selections. The salesperson chided me for my sedate fabric choices as he sliced yardage with the world's largest scissors. "No neon? We have lots of neon. That's very big right now," he told me. I assured him that this fabric was bright enough for what I had in mind.

I had intended this print for short workout pants to match my purple uniform shirt at the Y. When it came time to cut them out, I realized I wanted more. It had to be full-length leggings. (Created using Cal Patch's tutorial and Oona's waistband technique, naturally.) 

To tighten up the tall waistband, which was loose on my gray workout pants, I took in about two inches at the top fold. How did I know it would work? Because I basted the waistband adjustments before I made any cuts or permanent stitching. Yeah, baby! Proper technique! (Is there a term for giving yourself a fist bump? I totally just did that.)

I have a feeling I'll be making more crazy leggings and then a bunch of mini dresses to layer over top. I'm about five years late to the party and don't have anything to wear. What about you, are you over leggings or still churning them out? And do you leave room in your suitcase for fabric souvenirs?


  1. i love that you were chastised for these not being bright enough.

    you know i'm a magpie for leggings! if you lived closer, wearing these in my general vicinity would be dangerous.

    1. Ha! I'd have to carry an extra pair for safety.

  2. If I had legs like yours, I would keep making leggings too. Love the pattern/