Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crazypants Workout Leggings: PASS

Sometimes overbuying works out. I certainly didn't need more than a yard of this crazy purple print from Stretch Text Fabrics in Montreal to make short workout pants. Perhaps my subconscious knew I'd have an unprecedented desire to for full length leggings when I returned home.

Or perhaps I have a problem buying small quantities in large warehouses. You can see the temptation I was facing:
I only just now realized that cardboard sign says "employees only."  Whoops.
This latest pair of leggings is from my self drafted pattern (à la Cal Patch) with a wide waistband (à la Oona). This time I extended the length by 5 inches so I could gather the sides, following the instructions in Dana's ruched leggings tutorial. The result is delightfully comfortable to wear. I like workout pants that end right below my knee, but a simple hem in that area can pinch. The ruching adds a bit of give and is so easy! Two lines of stitching on each side of the leg opening with elastic thread in the bobbin and you're done.

I'm hoping to use the rest of my Montreal fabric before it feels like stash. Most is accounted for, but I'm not sure what to do with this gray stretch lace. Got any ideas?


  1. man i love your crazy leggings!!! all i can see are lace leggings now.

    oooh how about a tea length slip dress??

  2. I actually thought for a moment about leggings, then realized that there was no way in hell I'd wear them out of the house. A slip dress, though, that would be pretty classy.

  3. Truly, these crazypants workout leggings are looking absolutely amazing. The patterns are so beautiful and the color combination is making the pair look so unique. I would love to invest in this pair for my yoga workouts. Keep sharing such reviews here.