Sunday, November 10, 2013

Purple Parsley Pants: PASS

My son was so excited when I asked him if he'd like pants from the leftover minidress material. He was thrilled to have purple pants, specifically purple Parsley pants with bright yellow curvy pockets. "Can you make those?" he asked, eyes shining.

Do you ever sew something that you know will be ugly?

I knew this would be a barfy color combination. I knew because I helped design a website in the early 2000s with the same awful palette. But unlike most of the computers of that era, my kid is extremely cute. Cuteness can go a long way to make something horrid look good.

The November Southeast Michigan Crafty Meetup was this week, perfect for a straightforward project that doesn't require me to sew in my underwear. I packed up my supplies and headed to Pink Castle Fabrics. (I like to pretend the retention pond that separates it from Costco is a moat). There I enjoyed the hilarious company of seriously skilled sewers and cutting on a table instead of the floor.

Constructing Parsley pants is so easy that taking time for nice finishing feels luxurious instead of overwhelming. I used a double topstitched hem for the crotch seam and a flat fell seam on the inseam. I had never tried a flat fell seam, which is smooth inside and topstitched on the outside. My kid isn't overly sensitive to clothing texture, but I think the smooth inseam will feel nice.

While I sewed, my son started his tunnel to Nunavut in the backyard (currently a two-foot hole). He was busy, so I didn't show him the pants until it was time to hem. And that's when he realized that purple and yellow can look kinda barfy.

Design errors can be hard to get over. But kids are resilient, and my son says that event though the color combination is "not his favorite" the pants are a PASS.  I think with a more colorful shirt they might even look cute. Especially if he strikes a ridiculously adorable pose like this one.

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