Sunday, November 3, 2013

Purple Pocket Minidress: PASS

This dress should not have taken a month to complete. (Or six years, if you start counting from when I purchased Simplicity 3835, now out of print.) Admittedly, I was a bit distracted in October with my book group's selection and a new time sucker app. When I did dedicate time to sewing, pattern modifications and silly mistakes really slowed me down.

I've sewn a lot of Built by Wendy, enough to know better, really. Her patterns are adorable and simple–and completely wrong for my body type. There was no way this dress was going to fit without modifications. I took down Fit for Real People for guidance on how to make a FBA in the dartless front. After hours of tracing, taping, and trying on pattern pieces, I had a new pattern piece that included generous side darts.

While I was at it, I decided to replace the plain rectangular pockets with Rae's cute pleated pockets and axe the sleeve ties in favor of a simple hem.

Tissue fitting revealed no other issues, but I knew that might not hold true in the dress itself. I was too impatient to baste the entire dress together before sewing up the final seams. (Maybe if it were a standard bodice, but raglan sleeves and a neck band? Are you kidding?)

Sure enough, the back is a bit wonky with too much width at the top and possibly not enough at the bottom. Maybe because I used an invisible zipper instead of the lapped zipper that was called for? That might be the problem, come to think of it.

The most hilarious fitting issue is in the sleeves: the entire dress becomes shockingly short when I raise my arms. Instead of a slip, I'm going to need some silky hot pants to wear underneath.

Even if it's not a perfect fit, this dress fun to wear and perfectly acceptable. Not my best work, but not the worst. And that's enough to pass!


  1. It is really cute on you! I like the modifications, and I don't think it will be difficult to find a cute legging to wear with the dress. You will be right on trend.

    1. Thanks, Anna! Until I get my butt in gear on making leggings, I've got a pair of hot pink swim shorts I can wear underneath. If I end up flashing anyone, at least it will be with beachwear.