Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sleeping Bag Storage Sacks: PASS

Two sleeping bag storage sacks with a stuff sack for size comparison.
I had many plans for this two-week vacation. My iron conking out just as I was warming up for a long stretch of sewing was not one of them. A friend lent me hers (which heats, but no longer creates steam) to tide me over until my new steam iron arrives. Most of my sewing plans are now on hold while I wait on Mailman Mike. (Yes, that's for real. Our neighborhood has two postal carriers: Mailman Mike and Mike the Mailman.)

One thing that did go as I hoped was the arrival of three new sleeping bags on Christmas morning (thanks, in-laws!). Did you know storing sleeping bags in their stuff sacks can compress the insulation, making for a colder night's sleep? Neither did I. Maybe that's why our second-hand sleeping bags are no longer toasty.

I looked up the size of sleeping bag storage sacks online and hit my scrap fabric pile. There I found an old futon cover and a sheet from DMart* that were perfect for the job: big, breathable, and useless for most other projects. Then I rifled through my notions and found twill tape and salvaged cord locks. After taking a moment to congratulate myself on having the foresight to save EVERYTHING, I heated up the dry iron and got to work. A short while later, we had appropriate sleeping bag storage.

It's great to make something simple you need instead of buying it. I'll bask in that glow for now while I wait at the mailbox for my iron.

*Shopping at DMart is my husband's term for Dumpster diving. You should use it. It's fun.

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