Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gray Plantain T-Shirt: PASS

Not biking to work has made me cranky. This snow is lovely, but it has doubled my commute time and limited my work clothes options. The dearth of pants and long sleeve shirts in my wardrobe is not helping matters. But enough ranting. Let's talk about how awesome the Plantain t-shirt pattern is and how generous Deer and Doe is for offering it up for free.

I love this pattern. It's got a low neckline, lower than I usually wear, but the snug fit in the shoulders keeps the shirt in place when I move around. The subtle flared shape is flattering without adding too much swing to the hem. The bust is sized for a C cup, which means I can get away without a FBA (that's full bust adjustment) in this stretchy material.

And of course, there's the elbow patches!
My husband swears there are no drag lines when I'm not twisting around to show off elbow patches.
The patches are cut from pant legs in my denim scrap pile. I like the look of black on gray, but think I should have gone with a knit fabric. The denim is a lot heavier than the rest of the shirt and the frayed edges don't really match the smooth finish of the neckline and hem. Oh, well. Nothing I can't fix in version two.

Have you tried the Plantain pattern yet? And if not, why the heck not!?!

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  1. Hi, thanks for your thoughts on the Plantain. I didn't realize it's sized for a C cup. I might skip the FBA as well.