Sunday, February 2, 2014

Send in the Clowns Jammie Pants: PASS

This summer my jammie pants wore out beyond all hope of repair. After months of procrastination, I'm finally back to lounging in comfort!

When I pulled out Simplicity 2823I shook my head. Former me had forgotten to record my pattern alterations. (You'd think unisex jammie pants wouldn't need any, but the amount of space between the crotch line and waist is immense). Instead of figuring it out again, I cut open my old pants and traced around them for the pattern. The original pattern has two pieces, a front and a back. Since the front and back pieces were already sewn together, I cut open only the inside seams. I now had just one pattern piece to trace instead of two. SCORE!

My original pants were too short, so my ankles were always cold. I goofed up the length again on this pair (I blame an off-grain print, but maybe it's my measuring skills), but was determined to fix it. Cue the GIANT CLOWN RUFFLES. 

These bad boys are seven-inch tall strips, folded in half and gathered. The double layer really keeps out the drafts. Plus I'm all set if I want to run off to join the circus.

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