Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fleece Baby Blanket: PASS

One of my friends is decorating her baby's nursery in a space theme. Awesome, right? But in all the space prints she found that featured little kids, the kids were ALWAYS boys. Decidedly not awesome. 

Well, this print doesn't feature little kids, but it does have some fun looking rockets. It comes from the mighty stash, circa 2006 when I made a blanket for my own baby. It's got a black and white print to stimulate little minds on the other side and big knots around the edges for chewing.

I feel like a cheater even posting this project. Not only was there no sewing, but the pieces were stacked right sides out and folded together in my stash, ready to be made into a blanket as soon they emerged from cryostasis. Using the massive cutting table at Pink Castle Fabrics during the Sew Ann Arbor monthly meetup made this project even easier. (I was only moderately embarrassed to be working on such a simple project in the presence of such talented sewers...)

To make your own blanket, start with whatever size of fleece you want. Stack one piece on top of the other (right sides out). Cut out a 6"x6" square from each corner, then cut six inch slits around the sides, spacing them two inches apart. Tie the fringe pieces together twice. And that's it. Your baby blanket is ready for liftoff!

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