Saturday, June 7, 2014

Renfrew Tank: PASS

Summer hit just after I finished my long-sleeve Renfrews. Isn't that always the way? So instead of fixing the holes that have suddenly appeared in all my child's pants, I made myself a tank top. Sorry to shatter any illusions you might have about my selfless sewing. Mama's got to have some new shirts.

My favorite tank top of all time had a scoop neck and wide straps, almost exactly like a Renfew without sleeves. Could I recreate this fit? I grabbed two cast-off t-shirts to find out.

The first time I made tank tops, I used the pattern and instructions in Sew U Home Stretch, which calls for narrowing the bodice at the shoulders. I wanted this top to have wide straps that stayed put, so I left the bodice unaltered.

I did use the instructions in Sew U for applying the armhole binding flat before sewing the side seams. This isn't a big breakthrough since the Renfrew instructions already call for applying the sleeves flat. But I thought I should mention it here since the neck and waist bindings aren't applied this way. 

The results are just what I hoped for: a sleeveless shirt I can wear all summer at home and my (admittedly pretty casual) office. Patching those pants may have to wait. Isn't it shorts weather, anyway?

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