Sunday, December 21, 2014

Unintentional Sweatpants: FAIL

Until recently, I had just one pair of pants in my wardrobe: outlet store jeans that I loathed but wore out of spite and necessity. Enter the StyleArc Elle Pant pattern and a fabric shopping spree.

This is the first pair I made, imagining dress pants that were "secret pajamas." Secret's out, y'all. These look like sweatpants and are about as flattering. It's my own fault for using ponte knit instead of the recommended stretch woven. Also, that ponte (which was not cheap), is already starting to pill!

These pants are never seeing the office, though I do wear them around the house and to the grocery store. Thank goodness my subsequent Elle pants weren't such a disaster. More on those later.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blue Corduroy Parsley Pants: PASS

When my mother-in-law showed me this lovely midnight blue corduroy someone had given her, I had only one thought:

Fortunately for me, Mom didn't have any use for it. Getting to see that gorgeous color on my kid is almost as great as wearing it myself. He chose bright green pockets for this pair of Parsley Pants. The bright color looks fab...for now. He went directly from this photo shoot to playing in a giant hole in the backyard.