Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rayquaza Costume: PASS

Pokémon is a powerful force in our household, making up at least 60% of our daily discussions. (There's been a decrease due to new guidelines such as "reciting Pokémon statistics does not qualify as conversation.") So it only follows that my kid broke his four-year inanimate object costume streak this Halloween by dressing as his favorite Pokémon, Rayquaza.

We spent an afternoon searching for inspiration and sketching up ideas. Though there are jaw-dropping, intricate, and even sexy Rayquaza costumes out there, this simple version was the most helpful when planning our design.

Projects like this one make me so grateful to be married to an artist.  While I figured out the construction for the tail, he drew templates for the head pieces and painted boxboard for those head extension thingies. I have no doubt that would have taken me ages on my own.

All the materials were harvested from my stash and my kid's dresser. Sewing the felt headpiece to the painted boxboard extensions was the best part. It's fun to see what kind of materials my sewing machine will tolerate.

No, the BEST part was seeing how excited my son was to wear his costume. Maybe he'll even get another year out of it. Or perhaps by next Halloween another obsession will have taken over.

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