Sunday, January 31, 2016

10th Birthday Shirt: PASS

Birthday shirts broke into double digit territory this year. (Give me a moment to catch my breath.) As we have since he turned seven, we used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern and recycled t-shirts in his choice of colors. 

This year, my kid opted for solid colors instead of stripes and a reprise of the silver numbers we used last year. I had just the shirt in my stash for the job.

This pattern is always a bit tight in the arms for my guy, so I made them about a quarter inch wider when I traced his new size. They're perhaps a bit large now, but better that than too tight.

I'm so pleased with the construction on this shirt. I took extra care and it really shows. No puckers or wonky stitching. And check out the seam matching!

My kid points out on a semi-regular basis that high school is only four years away. (He knows this gives me a small heart attack.) But for now, he's still somewhat small. Happy 10th birthday, kiddo!

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