Friday, January 1, 2016

Double Zip Wallet: PASS

I've carried a billfold wallet since my teens. The initial appeal was how it fit easily in my back pocket. But as I started having more to carry (cards and receipts--not wads of cash, unfortunately), my wallet became a bulging mess. I couldn't pull things out quickly. It no longer easily fit my back pocket or even my wristlet bag.

After the umpteenth time struggling to fish out my key card at work, I decided it was time for something new. Something bigger than a standard wallet, but small enough to stuff in my coat pocket. Something where I could easily get to what I needed. It would replace my wristlet, too, and have space for my business card case, change purse, phone, and earbuds. After thinking this was perhaps too much to ask in one design, I spotted the Double Zip Wallet in Handmade Style. Perfect!

Anna Graham of Noodlehead has created a lovely and practical collection of projects. Each is thoughtfully described and beautifully photographed. Despite the mind-bending geometry involved, I was able to assemble the wallet without much of a hitch. Anna knows what she's doing and by following her instructions (saying them out loud when I no longer understood what was happening), I came out the other side with a wallet that works!

I used all stash materials, some of my favorites that I've been saving for a special project. It's wonderful to see and use them on a daily basis. I've been carrying my new wallet for three weeks now and absolutely love it. It fits nicely in my coat pocket or backpack. The only downside is that I may never have a need for the Handmade Style Rainbow Clutch. This wallet works too well to move all my stuff to another bag.

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