Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fabric Baskets: PASS

I'm not a big home dec sewer. Yes, I'll make pillows and window treatments when needed. But I don't get a kick out of redecorating. I still like all the paint colors and furniture we chose when we moved into our house sixteen years ago. (Which is why in 20 years our house is going to look like a time capsule.)

The fact that I decided our home needed fabric baskets is a testament to the beauty of Anna Graham's Handmade Style. Every photo is gorgeous. Every project looks useful. I'm even tempted to try the quilting projects, even though our house has an over-abundance of quilts.

Part of the allure was the chance to try out new materials (stiff double-sided fusible interfacing) while using up some of my stash. The bold orange basket uses leftover home dec fabric from our living room pillows and quilting cotton I bought on a whim a couple years ago. The green leaf pattern basket uses home dec fabric rescued from someone's post-yard sale trash this summer and plain fabric that's been kicking around my closet for over a decade. I didn't have leather for the handles, but did have some hand-me-down strapping from my mother-in-law.

The directions were clear and the baskets were pretty easy to assemble. The inside lining seemed to be an inch shorter than was necessary to completely cover (and therefore, fuse to) the interfacing. Other than that, the only snags were a measuring error on my part and the rough texture of the interfacing. My hands were scratched something wicked by the time I was finished.

I intended for these to live separately, one at each of our staircases, to collect the stuff that needs to be taken up/down. That was vetoed by my family, who said the baskets were too big to live on the stairs. Instead, they live on a section of our couch that had been covered with random junk. Now it's covered with sorted random junk. Which makes these baskets essential, right? Just like those quilts I'm thinking of making...

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