Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dress to Nightgown: PASS

Remember that dress that I didn't like wearing, even though the green gumdrop print fabric felt so lovely? Well, now it's a nightgown.

I hacked off the bodice, which was beyond saving, and held the skirt at various heights to decide whether to make a long skirt, mini skirt, or dress.

I kept the side seams and ruffled hem as they were and used lingerie elastic from my stash to gather the top and make simple straps. It would have been more flattering to make an actual bodice instead of just an elasticized tube. But when compared to my usual sleep attire -- one of my husband's giant t-shirts from the 90s -- any nightgown looks fantastic.

I've worn this more in two months than I wore the dress in eight years. Which makes this former FAIL a new PASS. (Woot!)

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