Sunday, March 6, 2016

XYT Workout Top: FAIL

I've been wearing the same tank top to the gym for 10 years. It's gone from looking broken in to downright shabby. Part of why I keep this shirt in rotation is that it's modest cut covers my incredibly supportive sports bra, which looks more like a spandex vest. When Fehr Trade's XYT Workout Top came out, with its cute back options and built-in bra, I thought I'd hit the gym shirt jackpot.

I sewed up the XYT as a bikini top this summer. The built-in bra, fine for the beach, won't cut for me in the gym. This time I took Melissa's advice for busty gals and made a version to wear over a sports bra. (I tried a new bra, too. It's pretty and works for low-impact exercise, but I'll stick with my super vest for running and jumping.)

The XYT comes together quickly, especially when you omit the bra. I went from tracing the pattern to trying on my new shirt in just an afternoon. Too bad I'll never wear it out of the house. Let's break it down.

5 Reasons this XYT is a FAIL

5. Poor fabric choice, a desperation buy when I was scouring downtown Vancouver for wicking spandex in the last hour of our visit (dumb). The pink is too much and the fabric sticks to itself. 

4. Fit is too tight and short for my taste. Which I could have changed, had I been paying attention when I traced the pattern. 

3. Puckers around the neckband and arm holes from uneven tension when sewing in the elastic.

2. Obvious need for a sway back adjustment.

And the number one reason this shirt fails is....

1. THAT HEM!  

What is up with that stiff hem that sits away from my body? It's like Jane Jetson decided to make workout gear.

I think the culprit is weird fabric + band application. It was my second attempt at a hem that lies flat. Here's what I got when I simply folded up the bottom and sewed:

So my ratty tank top is still in play while I make pattern adjustments and figure out whether to go all matchy-matchy with my leggings fabric or suck it up and order a coordinating solid online. Hopefully I've got a few more weeks before it falls apart completely.

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