Sunday, June 12, 2016

Barrie Boy Cut Briefs: PASS

If well-fitting jeans are the holy grail of home sewing, a good pair of undies is Excalibur. I've tried and failed to make underwear over the years. Nothing worked until I pulled out the Kitschy Coo Barrie Boy Cut Briefs pattern.

The brilliance of these briefs is that they use knit fabric bands (think yoga pants) instead of elastic for the waistband and leg openings. This provides a comfortable fit and undies that stay in place without binding. Amanda tells you exactly how much stretch you'll need and how to measure the stretch of your fabric. Her advice saved me from sewing another pair of too-small underwear that go straight from sewing machine to recycle bin.

I used scrap fabric for these first three pairs, all the low cut version of the pattern. Though all three fit well, they fit a bit differently from one another because of fabric choices.

Pair 1: body and bands in a knit with minimum required stretch. They sit lower than I'm used to in the back and feel snug without being too tight.

Pair 2: body in knit with lots of stretch, bands from knit with minimum stretch. Because the body fabric has vertical stretch, they sit higher than the first pair. The bands didn't stretch quite enough to achieve a smooth application but feel okay when worn.

Pair 3: body and bands in knits with lots of stretch. They provide more coverage in back, like the second pair. The bands stretch a lot without sagging (on the body, if not the laundry line).

I might try the high rise version in less stretchy knits and continue on with the low rise version in super stretchy fabric. We'll see how far I can get using scraps before purchasing undies-specific yardage. Feels good not to be shopping for underwear anymore!

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