Sunday, July 17, 2016

Duathlon Bike Shorts: FAIL

Though I've commuted by bike for years, I'd never taken a trip longer than 9 miles in each direction until this weekend. That's when I finally acted on a bicycle touring daydream and joined a weekend ride that traveled 30+ miles each day through beautiful countryside with stops at Lake Michigan.

Alas, these are not the shorts I wore during the trip. As you can see, the fit is pretty terrible. They are too short in the back, pulling up at the crotch, and loose around the legs and bum. Tweaking the fit would help. But I think fabric choice is the main culprit. I used Spoonflower's Performance Piqué in a print specifically for the Duathlon Shorts. It wicks away moisture, sure, but the stretch recovery isn't close to enough for shorts. (It's perfect for the XYT Workout top, however.)

What to do? I'm not getting much use out of these now. I'm eschewing them for my indoor cycling class. They're just too baggy and uncomfortable. And I only throw them on for a commute as a last resort. I guess I need to tear them apart and reuse the chamois and silicone elastic in another pair. (Groan.) Given how long it took me to sign up for this bike tour, I've got at least another year to get it done.